DDC 17th Season Guide

Download here Parent Guide 2015-2016

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Did you know?…

“Multiple independent studies have shown increased years of  enrollment in arts courses are positively correlated with higher SAT verbal and math scores. High school students who take arts classes have higher math and verbal SAT scores than students  who take no arts classes.  Arts participation and SAT scores co-vary—that is, they tend to increase linearly: the more arts classes, the higher the scores. This relationship is illustrated in the 2005 results shown below. Notably, students who took four years of arts coursework outperformed their peers who had one half-year or less of arts coursework by 58 points on the verbal portion and 38 points on the math portion of the SAT.”
This means that these students will be better equipped for career and college demands

SEASON 17 GUIDE 2015-2016

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